yoga in bognor regis


Yoga is one of the oldest Indian philosophies,
combining exercise, breath control and relaxation.

It can help promote a feeling of peace and well being.

It is enjoyed by people of all age groups and physical abilities.

Yoga’s Benefits

  • Yoga benefits people of all ages
  • Yoga is not high impact therefore it does not strain any muscle or joint
  • Yoga works with your body creating suppleness and strength
  • Yoga tones the whole body whilst nurturing each muscle
  • Yoga optimises breathing techniques that not only enhance how our body works but stimulates total relaxation
  • Yoga facilitates release from stressful modern life
  • Yoga improves your health

Try Yoga

Why not take a break from today's
busy lifestyle and devote
11/2 hours per week to yourself.

To stretch, breathe and relax,
and feel the benefits that
Yoga can bring?

Your body and mind are precious,
let Ann Canfer help you nurture yours!